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When did you feel it was ADD and not just anxiety?

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I have many, many symptoms of ADD and have over many years. My pdoc swears it's just anxiety but a social worker who knows me much, much closer and whom I see twice a week, whose adult sister has had ADD her whole life, swears I have ADD instead. She cites how caffeine and 5-hour energies do not give me a 'buzz', how I have to always do two things at once, and how I think a lot and have racing thoughts, not really about genuine worries but about trivial things. I've never tried a stimulant because the pdoc has always said it would just make the anxiety worse. But nothing else has worked thus far to make me feel better and there was a time in my life where I was on phentermine for weight loss (prescribed by an endocrinologist) and the times I felt the best in my life and most productive, happiest, etc. was when I was ON the phentermine. Is that a sign, too?

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