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I saw the nurse practitioner at the MHC that I go to. I was talking to her about how I still get anxious and restless, and she mentioned extrapyramidal symptoms.

I remember my pdoc mentioning that lithium can affect my anxiety. Every month when I've been telling him I'm still anxious, he mentions the lithium (are the levels right, for ex.) I know my Lithium levels are normal because every time I go they are either .6 or .7 (far enough from toxic level)

Mom and I think there might be a link between me taking the Lithium and the EPS, but could it be so?

And if I took out the Lithium, I worry as to what mood stabilizer I could take in it's place? I can't take Depakote (couldn't get a stable blood level), Tegratol (made mood worse), Neurontin (side effects), Topamax (pdoc won't prescribe it).

The only mood stabilizer I can think of that I haven't tried is Lamical.

If I were to change over, what sort of symptoms/side effects, should I watch for?

I hope I've covered all my ground and I hope I'm not making an ass out of myself by asking all this.

Part of it is out of curiosity, part is about finding the right answer.

I know all meds have side effects but it's getting more difficult now to deal with the "possible EPS".



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I've tried Cogentin, Artane and Inderal in the past for akathisia, and none of these worked for me.

(Highest Cogentin dose was 2mg BID; Artane 2mg TID, Inderal 20mg BID.)

Benzodiazapines don't help either (I've been on Valium, Ativan and now Xanax);(Klonopin caused a paradoxical reaction)

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Guest Vapourware

You'll need to talk to your pdoc about your options.

Although I wonder if you are describing anxiety or akathesia? I couldn't get a firm grasp of what you were meaning. With the anxiety, ultimately the best treatment for it is therapy, not medication, and I don't know how much therapy you are getting at the moment.

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It's hard to figure out myself because when I spoke to the NP on Tuesday, she mentioned EPS. But I'm not having Parkinson like effects. I'm having increased anxiety and restlessness.

It's hard to examine fully online (which I understand). I know therapy is best for anxiety, which I go once a week to therapy for a 45 minute session. But if I'm having some sort of restlessness/akathsia/eps, whatever it is, I'm sure that merits other options.

I wish I knew when my pdoc will be back. I currently have an appt for 9/21/11.

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