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Dysphoric Hypomania/ Mixed states wrecking my life

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Dysphoric Hypomania is wrecking my life.

I thought I had great insight, but apparently I don't. I was clueless I was causing so much damage.

My partner is about to leave me for good, at work I've already picked 4 figths in the past 2 weeks. I've yelled at people at restaurants when they did not deserve it. I feel so agitated and so anxious it just oozes out of me.

I know meds and med tweaks help and I'm working on that, but for now, do any of you have/ can share/ some techniques to get that in control ?

Any online resources with steps and such ?

I'm really trying and I need help.

Is there such a things as AA for Bipolars???

Thank you for your help

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I'm sorry that you are running rampant right now. Dysphoria can be such a damaging place.

I haven't heard of what you are asking about. Perhaps someone else has.

Do you have a therapist. They can be very valuable at learning to manage temperament.

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DBSA is a good place to start looking for groups they may help you with some techniques or at least point you in the right direction. working with a therapist is really helpful for me. finding some calming activity to do until things level out a bit (showers/baths, good smells, silly putty is great for when you're out and need to work out some energy, music and good head phones). it all kind of feels like a bandaid, i know, but you basically need to buy some time until the meds kick in. distraction is a great thing.

in terms of your partner, maybe say (while you're not feeling so volatile) that you know you've been hard to be around but that you're trying and to please hold off on any permanent decisions until after the meds kick in so you can both have a rational talk with each other. couples counseling (or at least a meeting with your therapist) is a great way to start understanding each other better and how bipolar has affected each of you and the relationship. helped for my husband and i.

good luck. i know it's an awful place to be.

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I agree that you could use to see a therapist right now to learn how to manage things. You might want to consider taking your partner with you so that you guys can come up with a plan and they can also learn more about what you are going through. You've got to learn some techniques for how to handle things and how to calm yourself down so that things don't get so out of control.

I agree with Wemble that you should at least talk to your partner and let him/her know that you're having a really difficult time right now and that you are sorry for your behavior...maybe see if you guys can come up with some things that will work for you. Hopefully your med changes will help calm things down soon. I know how hard it can be to stay in control during a mixed episode.

Try to just keep to yourself at work (I don't know if that's an option since I have no clue what you do) and do your best to stay calm. Can you listen to music? When I get really irritable I'll throw on some classical music (music with words irritates me more sometimes) and it can help me to feel calmer. Take breaks if you can, go for a walk to clear your head and just have some quite time.

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Persephone, the type of mania you are describing is something I have experienced a LOT. for years......

It responded very well to an AAP. I am so grateful for my Seroquel.

Therapy, support groups, fish oil, etc is all very helpful but it was only medication that tamed that aspect of my BP 1.

I consider picking fights at work, yelling at people, and your partner about to leave you a CRISES. You need to see your psychiatrist. This is a crisis if your life collapses and you lose your love and your employment. Ask for an emergency appointment.

Your behavior is not a character flaw. It is biological. Get medical help asap.

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