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I was diagnosed with chronic PTSD

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I was diagnosed with chronic PTSD.Some of it stems from childhood abuse.I was bullied as a kid and I was shot in the leg when I was protecting my girlfriend at the time when I was a kid.A neighboorhood bully pointed a gun at my then girlfriend and I stepped in between and I was shot in the leg because of it.I was never sexually abused as a kid but I was shot and beaten up as a kid.Then I was raped 5 years ago after that I was diagnosed with chronic PTSD.I used to get into fights every day before school.The school bully would try to take our lunch or lunch money and when I refused the bully would then start fighting with me.

I was the youngest of five children so I was also bullied by my siblings my brothers in particular but never by my sister.My sister was abused by my father.That's why she has tried suicide in the past.I've haven't seen my sister in years but I've seen my two still living brothers.One brother died of a cocaine overdose.

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