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i want to binge...

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I wish I had advice for you.

But I just did earlier this morning. I am paying the price for it now. So I guess my advice for you would be to think of the consequences.

Zyprexa makes me binge like no other. I'm sorry you are having the same problem. I am just disgusted with myself.

I hope you didn't/don't binge eat.

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Well, one thing you can do is go outside and leave the house for a while, especially if you go walk somewhere where there isn't a bunch of fast food stores. If you're not beside the food, you can't eat it. I also try to empty my kitchen of everything I can possibly binge on, except for raw vegetables and fruit, which limits the damage somewhat.

If you can't go out, try to do something that keeps your hands/body busy. Writing or drawing or something like that. Or any other kind of distraction that works for you.

If you want to binge because you're hungry, or you want something in your mouth, you can try drinking a whole bunch of water, which sometimes makes me feel a little more full and a little less like binging.

Do you know why you want to binge? If it's an emotional thing, then I'd recommend writing or drawing or doing something else to process the emotions. If it doesn't seem to be triggered, is it possible that you're a little hungry? Hunger is a big trigger for me, so I have to be very sure to eat regular meals even if I don't feel hungry, because if I GET hungry, it's already too late.

If worst comes to worst, put it off 5 minutes at a time. Tell yourself that you're going to wait five minutes, and if you still want to in 5 minutes, you will do it. Then, in five minutes do another five, etc etc. Sometimes that works.

Let us know how you're doing.

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I struggle with binging too. Mostly sugar when I'm depressed, anything and everything when I'm hypomanic and my hunger signal just doesn't seem to turn off.

Some great suggestions so far, will have to try them. Here's a couple more:

1) I've started wearing my dressing gown when I eat because I've found that the belt sits in a nice place around my stomach and I seem to register that I'm full sooner.

2) Only cook what you intend to eat, I always fall into the trap of thinking I can save the rest for tomorrow, but more often than not - I don't.

3) Really think about the kind of foods you are craving to work out what the body is really asking for. Often cravings are your body's way of asking for a particular dietary need and it associates that craving with the foods that contain it and are common in your environment. For example, when I crave chips, bread and butter, etc. sucking on a piece of rock salt can kill that urge. I used do the same for sugar cravings with a sugar cube. It worked for a while but I eventually ended up binging on the sugar cubes, so it's probably not a great idea, I'm still looking for a new substitute. When it's protein type cravings, try a small handful of unsalted nuts (about an airline serving size). If you're vegetarian, take Multi-B vitamins - often we forget that B12 has very few sources besides meat and it may be the cause of a protein craving. If you just binge randomly, you won't always get what your body was asking for, and it'll keep asking. The key here is small servings that are nutrient rich.

4) After eating what you planned to eat (full meal or suggestions above) wait at least half an hour instead of just shovelling more in. It takes time for your body to start absorbing the food and register that it has got what it wanted.

5) Eat your food close to body temperature, your body can start to digest it quicker and therefore turn off the hunger signal quicker.

6) Optimise your metabolism. Eat like a King for breakfast, like a Prince for lunch, and like a pauper for dinner. Most people (myself included) get this round the wrong way, or skip breakfast entirely.

3), 4), 5), 6) are suggestions I've got in the past from my Mum, who is studying Nutrition after having a life long interest in the subject (ex chef), and I'm trying to remember to follow them more often. Hopefully you'll remember more than I do!

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