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Good to be here. I'm a 29 year old male. Glad I found this board. There seems to be some very intelligent people in here, certainly more than you would find in most generic 'support group' blogs.

I have Aspergers which was diagnosed in 2007. After the diagnosis things got better. Not even half way there, but MUCH better at least. Personally I don't consider my autism a bad thing, if anything it's been helpful for me.

The only thing we are treating is the other stuff. Dysthymia, OCD (obsessional/hyperfocus), anxiety, and panic. Not the funnest combination. The meds seem to keep my head above water. I'm still looking for the "ideal" meds/mixture. After ditching my old pdoc who has a habit of starting his patients on super high doses. I do much better on low dose (usually/depending). My new pdoc is much better at what he does and not into pushing high dose. He actually spends time with his patients. If your lucky he might even do a little therapy if he thinks you need it. :).

My goal one day is to become a full practicing Psychiatrist, so I end up caught in my studies allot. However, I'm pretty spontaneous...I might want to be an astronaut tomorrow or something. haha

good to be here

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