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seroquel u have saved me but now i cant feel " normal emotion "

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ive been on seroquel xr for nearly a year. finally got to 1200mg a day. best shit ive been on. its stops the bad/disturbed thoughts(i wont get into detail but you know what i mean) and also " nearly " wiped out the paranoia/anxiety. so im talking back to 98% normal. nearly back to my old self... BUT

now i CANT feel " normal " emotion. like it stopped the silly moods/ high moods but also stopped the normal moods of happiness/sadness. i just cant seem to " feel " anything. seems to me antipsychotics cant just target the schizophrenia they also effect the " normal " feelings. i dont know if its coz im on 1200mg coz ive been on the 1200mg dose since april this year. on 1000mg i was talking and laughing to myself then the pdoc raised it to 1200mg. that massive dose has taken months on end to work but coz i was patient which the pdoc said i should be, it now has saved my life. i thought i would never recover after been on one AAP after the other " looking " for a quick fix. boy the AAP fix it but not quick.

i dont know if its the dose that makes me " emotionally numb " or coz i have been on it for a fair while that its " slowly kicking in ". ive been on clozaril numerous times but this slow release seroquel kicks the crap out of it. no weight gain. no drooling.

seroquel xr thank u! something positive to say. something to gives others hope that there is an antipsychotic out there that will get ur life back. treatments for schiz. can only get better and we are sloooowly getting there.

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