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I found you!

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Hi all,

I am Celia, 46 married 21 years w/ 10yr old twins (one who is autistic).


Guess i am Bipolar 1, NON rapid cycling. I was diagnosed in 2008. Spent a week hospitalized. Manic again late 2009.

Glad to have a forum FOR crazies, BY crazies. It is very depressing only to read boards written by our loved ones, complaining how bad we are.

OH! Important! My weakness in my hypo/full manic phase is SEX. Sex, sex, more sex. My diagnosis saved my marriage. I always thought I was just bad...........

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hi and welcome to the boards. you'll fit right in here. by crazies for crazies. yeah. you don't have to be crazy to be here but it helps! (ooh, bad one i know)

it's funny. some people regard a diagnosis as a terrible thing. but for others it is a lifeline. for me it was a lifeline to treatment.



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