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I've been on zyprexa for 3 weeks.

No increased appetite, and I've lost 3 pounds.

More importantly, it has taken me out of a really bad depressive episode and cleared my head.

It has been amazing!

The mental clarity is just wonderful. I can actually sit down and have enough concentration and motivation to read a book- which I didn't have for like 3 years!

I can think well- no more cobwebs in my head, I feel stable and secure.

And where abilify, risperdal (regular tablets, consta and invega), seroquel, haldol, serdolect, amisulpride have failed to touch my delusions, zyprexa has melted away my delusions in a span of 3 weeks that I've been on it. I am no longer compelled to keep thoughts in my head (and subsequently feel paranoid and anxious) for fear of being responsible fo controlling events in the world.

It has truly been a godsend for me.

I am hoping that those with positive experiences with this drug will chime in and share their experiences, to encourage others to try this drug, because it really is worth a shot.

I was afraid to try it at first. As some know, I have been battling ED issues for as long as I can remember, and trying a drug that is known to cause a lot of weight gain was a HUGE step for me. I just really want to get better.

I am posting this as a means of encouragement and also because I want to really find out for myself just how many people share my experience.


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I'm glad to hear things are going well, I was on zyprexa for a short while but the cost of it was too much to sustain. It was the only AP I've taken that didn't make me feel like I was drugged into oblivion. I'm in need of an AAP at the moment, maybe ill give it a go.

Especially now that VE has given me more "free meds" reference material than i can read in a month :lol:

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Yes, the cost is a bit worrisome. But I'm willing to spend for my sanity, really.

I'm not covered by any insurance or any support by the government. All support (as in all psychiatric help- therapy, pdoc, hospitalization, medication) is all paid for by my family. I guess I'm lucky that we can afford it.

That being said, I guess I found my wonder drug.

I just hope it remains that way *crosses fingers*.

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I adore Zyprexa. On it, I feel the sanest I've ever felt in my life. Unfortunately, I gained a lot of weight on it, really quickly, so I keep it around for emergencies. But yeah, it's great stuff.

I'm soooo glad it's working out so well for you! I know you've been really struggling for a while.

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