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And here I thought I was an exception...

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It's troublesome, trying to work out how to introduce myself. I could just be factual, state my name and diagnoses. Kayleigh, and the DXs are in my signature. But that'd be cold, boring, lacking in fun.

How about a bit of background? I was diagnosed with ADD and Autism Spectrum Disorder at a young age (well ASD was original Aspergers before it was changed to ASD in my late teens). I experienced my first significant depression in my early 20s (I'm 28), and it's been a bit of come and go since then, but since I started HRT (I'm transgender) my emotions were awoken (I probably suppressed them), and about 2-3months ago I experienced increasing mood instability getting lower lows and higher highs, and following on it's heels was some incredibly nasty anxiety. I experienced a hypomanic episode followed by the deepest depression I've ever experienced (my response to depression is to sleep it away, I actually lost a day doing that!). A friend of mine decided to take me to the emergency department when I asked her what would happen if I took all the lorazepam I had been prescribed for the anxiety. And from emergency I was transferred to the nearest psych ward.

And once there I was diagnosed with Bipolar Type II. I had already had my suspicions that that was what was going on, so it didn't come as a surprise, but I did wish the psychs in the ward had diagnosed me with something else (dunno why really).

So that's been the fancy newness in my life lately.

I was prescribed Seroquel initially, starting at 100mg XR, and then moving up to 300mg XR. My private psych then changed it to 200mg XR + 100mg standard, in the hope it would moderate the drowsiness I was experiencing in the morning. But I had continued to experience mood instability and had a severe depression again. So my psych changed the dose to 300mg XR + 100mg. And so far so good.

So..Yeah that's me, well not all of me, but the latest.

And then while doing some research into other meds that my psych asked me to do, I found this place, and I just loved the humour in the subtitles on the subforums that I had to join and say hi. Which I've now done. ;)

(feel free to ask me questions, I love questions)

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Guest Vapourware

Hai and welcome aboard. We're a pretty friendly bunch and there's a few of us who have a mood disorder and co-morbid ASD floating around.

Remember to have a read of the rules and feel free to PM a staff member if you have any questions.

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