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Weird Akathisia thing?

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The last few nights, I've had, well, this weird akathisia type thing going on. That whole, can't sit still, feel like crawling out of my skin thing. The only thing I've ever had this from before was lithium, which, yeah, I know, was weird. And this is just about as weird, as my AAP dosage is the lowest it's been in years. The only thing that seems to help is Klonopin, but I don't love the way benzos feel, unless I'm really fucking anxious, so I'd rather not be taking it all the time.

I'm not sure what's in my sig, but current meds are:

Seroquel: 500mg, pm

Effexor XR: 375mg, pm

Neurontin: 900mg, pm

Wellbutrin XR: 450mg am

Dexedrine ER: 30mg 2X/day

Anyone have any ideas?

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I get weird EPS shit when I mess with quel dosages, up OR down. I get sudden, spasmodic cramps that really are incredibly painful that usually last for a short duration. Usually in my feet> right now I'm on benzos which is probably why it has not happened this time. It's annoying, but I put up with it, heh.

i would address with pdoc. There are also other meds you could use, but I've found that oddly, the quel stuff just seems to pass on its own after a few weeks anyway... it just sort of settles down. So I don't worry about it much.


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Hi Momma, I just wanted to point out that we can't recommend specific medications to people. You can still contribute info on meds, just make sure you make it clear it is *your* experience. So really, the only changes you would have to make to the above post is instead of saying "You should try X," just say "X worked really well for me."

It seems a small distinction, but we can get into trouble giving out specific medical advice.

I hope you find some answers to what is bothering you. I have never had akasthesia, and it sounds awful.

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