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Lamictal & Topamax Combo for BPII

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Hello all,

I'm BPII and have been experiencing terrible mixed states, high levels of anxiety and cycling like mad (no pun intended). Well, my p-doc took me off Wellbutrin, upped the Lamictal to 250mg and added 50mg Topamax. According to her, Topamax will calm me down and help me with the anxiety.

I've been on it for 5 days (still at 25mgs) and have already started to feel some of the weird side effects (weird soda after taste) , metalic taste in my mouth, tingling in my fingertips. My anxiety seems to have subsided but I've noticed that since she upped the lamictal and specially after taking me off Wellbutrin so...don't know if topamax has anything to do with it anyway.

About the appetite/weight loss thing. I completely lost my appetite when she upped the lamictal...now it is kinda back since she took me off wellbutrin. They say topamax will cause me to lose my appetite as well...did that happen to you and at what dosage? Of course weight loss would be beneficial, but have no intentions of getting sick cause of not eating and I'm not looking for that, just want to get out of mixed state hell.

Thank you so much

Any input would help, even if you are not on this combo but on topamax itself since it is a new drug for me.


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I'm on 200mg of topamax. It is a good med for me. At first I got the tingly things in my hands and feet too. That went away. I never did really lose any weight either. Darn. I could stand to lose some too. Oh well. I've been on it for around maybe 6 months or a tad less I think. Now I have no side effects from it at all. I take 100mg in the morning and 100mg at bedtime. I don't know if that is average or not. You will have to talk to your pdoc about what dose is good for you and when to take that dose.

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