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Hi, I've been lurking a while, now here I am!

I live in oregon and I'm a tattoo artist. A friend of mine comes on this board and told me it was very helpful, so I have been checking it out.

I haven't ever had any kind of doctor as I've got crippling phobia. There's a clinic with a GP here in the little town I'm living in, and I have made my first appointment in twenty years for this coming week.

I haven't ever had insurance and ... phobic...

But I am here to learn, and to get some feedback while I go through all this.

I have a lot of apathy, some disociation, and sometimes I get very confused...I have a lot of trouble with "executive function" (according to some friends who have seen the state of my home) and I'm a recovering hoarder. I have read a whole lot about mental illness and have some in my family so I know a lot from reading and researching but have always avoided doctors of any kind.

I know I have some serious issues and I've put off seeking help for far too long. I'm 39.

And I'm glad to be here and looking forward to getting to know you all.

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Hi hammocks, welcome to Crazyboards. After you get your new username, you might want to do an introduction again so people aren't confused about who you are.

I hope we can help you out in some way.


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