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Hi guys,

I'm new to crazyboards. I'm 33, I've got add and was prescribed concerta a little over 2 months ago. It's not really working very well. Maybe a little, but not that well. Anyway, after the first month my doc bumped up my dosage from 27 to 36 mgs after I told him it wasn't working all that well. I'm going on my third month and I've got an appointment again in a few weeks. He told me during my last appt. that if concerta didn't work then we'd try a non stimulant like strattera. I haven't tried any of the other stimulants before. Why is he so quick to jump to non-stims? Are the other stimulants more abused or something? I've never done drugs let alone have a history of drug problems. Does he suspect I'm just trying to get drugs? This is kind of odd because during my initial appointment he stated the non-stimulants aren't nearly as effective and the first line is stimulants. Just looking for people's thoughts...

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