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Ok..for the past idk how freaking long, I have been hearing and seeing and feeling things that I'm pretty sure (and i sure as hell hope) aren't really there.

I'll feel a tingly or cold feeling on the back of my neck or arm or leg, or like someone is watching me or near me, or I'll feel just a presence there and it scares me. It's usually just a creepy cold feeling around me that makes me feel panicked, like I'm about to be attacked.

I tend to see shiz outta the corner of my eye like shadows or something moving. You know, the usually crap people see.

I hear some scary junk. Like breathing, stuff being moved around, shuffling (you know, like foot steps), and just some noise that isn't exactly silence, but it doesn't seem to be much of a noise either. One time, and only once, I heard a scream that no one else heard. Don't know what the f--- that was about.

In case any of this might have something to do with it..: I'm 14 and female, i don't sleep to well, I don't take anything, not on drugs, pretty sure I'm sane, I have dreams that scare the sh-t outta me, and I think I may have some kinda depression problems, but I don't know for sure.

If you can help and tell me what the hell is going on, I would REALLY appreciate it, especially if you tell me how to make it stop.

Cuz this crap happens all. the d-mn. time!

Please, PLEASE help me out!


:wall: I'm getting frustrated and scared, sorry.

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We aren't doctors, and can't diagnose you. But from the first line it sounded like hallucination, by the second you described it as stuff that happens too a lot of, if not all of us. If you feel like something is wrong, something is probably wrong, but your not hallucinating from what I can tell. You seem like you may be paranoid, which is something else you should take up with a doctor. The first thing you need to do is talk to your parents, if you can't talk to them for whatever reason have them take you to a doctor, if that's outside of the question for whatever reason talk to your school nurse.

My first impression is that you may be looking into this too much, but I was one messed up kid and if I had been honest with a doctor when I was 14 I'd be a hell of a lot better off.

Good luck

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To try and diagnose someone over the internet is impossible. Even if we were doctors, which we aren't. You need to see a professional. Talk to your parents. If they don't know where to start getting you some help then go to the school counselor/advisor. Either one of these options is much better than asking random strangers to tell you if there is something wrong with you.

I wish you the best.

I agree with Sylvan. Your parents can be a good resource as can your school nurse or counselor. If not them, your doctor is another person you can talk with. Random people on the Internet aren't reliable, and to tell what's going on from a brief post is nearly impossible. That said, I will say that what you describe sounds like anxiety which might not be so unusual for you age, BUT it's something you really should talk about out loud to some responsible adults instead of letting it run rampant in your head. But, like I said, it's impossible for me to know much. And, I'm a random person on the Intranet that might be full of shit. Talk to the real life people you know.

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