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Yes, my family name really DOES start with an X

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(OK, I legally changed my name when I was 20-odd, but still...)

I never know how to introduce myself and all the highlights are in my signature already. Unless you want to include things like:

  • silly misdiagnoses Gen X autistics get as children
  • being put on psych meds at age one (starting with phenobarb for "hyperactivity", progressing to old-style antipsychotics like Mellaril)
  • being regularly put into a seclusion room at primary school (my behavior modification reward was a coffee scroll - I tried so hard to get that, and failed so often)
  • medical problems being dismissed as 'bizarre behavior' and psychiatric (needing glasses is teh crazy!?)
  • my charming father - not (any potential commentary would come with a trigger warning)
  • recurrent severe depression, self-injury, suicidal ideation etc
  • SSRIs breaking my brain (psychotic mixed state = no fun)
  • my neurologist's silly idea to get me off Lamictal. Yes, it's probably the med that's doing the least for my seizures, but it keeps my moods more-or-less stable

I say more-or-less stable, because the "going back to study" thing? I came up with that idea in a prednisolone-triggered hypomania. I had good reasons. They still seem like good reasons. I'm not getting a wage from the shop and probably won't for some time (long story), so I am going to be very poor for the next couple of years. Good thing I have savings...

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Hello mcx. Hope you like it here.

We have some stuff in common. Interesting to learn of a new med for epilepsy. Here in Australia, Lamictal is only available cheaper if you have epilepsy that can't be controlled by anything else. Otherwise it is really expensive which is a pity as it would be good for a lot of people with Bipolar here.

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For going-to-Uni purposes, I asked my neurologist to write a letter along the lines of "mcx has a history of very frequent seizures; they're much better controlled now". She did, more or less - but in it she also seems to have re-diagnosed my crazy. According to her, I have refractory epilepsy and have "also suffered from temporary cognitive and mood side effects of anti-convulsant medication". Not technically incorrect, but not quite the whole story (to say the least). Hmmmm....

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