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    • By Go Ask Alice
      Hey all,
      So lately I have been having troubles accessing the site. Any time I try to log in, it says my account is locked (presumably due to failed attempts--although that happened some time ago). So, I decided to reset my password to see if that would help ameliorate the issue. It did, temporarily. Now, however, any time I wish to access the site (which in the MI world can be a very, very pressing issue), it still tells me I'm locked out and I have to proceed to "reset my password" any time I wish to log on. It works, again temporarily, and the next attempted login I am once again locked out.
      Can anyone please help me with this issue? I've attempted talking to a moderator who didn't know much of the technical issues of the site, and a couple of days ago, even sent an e-mail to the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the website but have yet to recieve a response.
      Can anyone help me? Obviously, I still have access to the site, but its unneccearily time-consuming, and potentially fairly dangerous and frustrating when I'm trying to seek help during an episode. 
      Please help.
    • By Seahorse
      Last week I talked with Sanity and they challenged me to write a positive poem because I often write negative ones. Here is the poem I wrote. It inspired me to try ''force positivity''. My tdoc says that she wouldn't call it that, she would call it ''a change of perspective''. I have grown into a bitter, cynical person and I love black humor. I don't want to drop the black humor - I started to appreciate it when I was only 10 so I think it is a part of me that should stay. The other two, I do want to change. I am actively seeking for ways to change my point of view now. I try to write in my diary every evening before going to bed, to write down what happened that day that was positive, or activities that are positive although they might not have felt good at that moment.
      I also want to get one of my old shoeboxes and make it my positivity box (or if you have any other suggestions, please tell me). I got this beautiful postcard from my best friend on my birthday and she wrote exactly what I wanted to hear to feel validated. So I'm thinking of going through some old letters and cards and put the most lovely ones in there. I'm also thinking pictures of friends and my deceased dogs, something homemade with glitter and orange (my favorite colour), a list of my achievements and the goals that I want to reach (that can be reached), a list of things I want to do for fun (e.g. going into a cave again), maybe some candy and things from my childhood. Instead of a box, I could also buy a glass pot and write down something good that happens every day (or week, but I will make it a list then) on a piece of paper, and put it in there. So when I feel blue I can read them again and remember that good things happen, too. Either way, I will put both in my view.
      Does anyone ever made something similar to this before? Does it work? I have seriously unlearned to be positive, I need this to get back. When I am creative it is one of the only times that I feel proud of what I make, even if it's not perfect. I'm just happy I made something. Therefore I think something creative will work.
      Anyway, here is the poem.
      I graduated two and a half months ago
      And I worked for seven weeks in a cellcentre
      Let me tell you it was hilarious.
      No seriously I loved it!
      I have a job interview on Tuesday
      for a pharmacy company and I will get serious bucks there
      it will be so good for my resume
      and I can cycle there, it will take only 15 minutes!
      I have four bouquets in my room
      And two plants
      So everything smells so nice in here.
      I might buy a pet, how about that
      That would be swell.
      I had lunch with a friend
      it was expensive but nice
      I love her dearly.
      I bought and listened to a Neneh Cherry album
      She is so bad ass.
      Why yes I started Prozac today!
      How are you?
    • By Velvet Elvis
      Hey all.

      We're going to be adding new mods over the next few days.

      At this moment I'd like to announce that the newest mod is . . . .


      *yay* (kermit dance)
    • By Velvet Elvis
      Hey Folks!

      It was suggested that we set up an area for the artists of crazyboards to share their work. I thought this was a good idea and did something about it.

      I have set up a new global album in the gallery in which artists can share their work apart from all the personal photographs in the main album. http://www.crazyboards.org/forums/index.php/gallery/album/376-crazy-artists/

      Dreadohdreads is going to be starting a group blog where artists, writers, and other creative types can make posts embedding the content from the new album or other work for display and discussion. Anyone who wants to be added as an editor will need to contact her so she can add you.

      Anyway. Have fun! I'm looking forward to seeing some purty pictures.
    • By Velvet Elvis
      Howdy Folks.

      I just upgraded the gallery to a new major version. Take a look around and let me know if you have any problems.
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