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How do you know when do start? (again)

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two years ago i was on Lexapro 40mg for a year. i stopped early last year, as it made my stomach feel weird. it didnt help much when i was on it, but i didnt try anything else. i was thinking about trying another SSRI and starting the whole thing up again, but i'm rather wary of them. i've had frequent manic phases and deep dips with cutting throughout them all. i'd like some opinions on what to do!



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Hey -

I think the decision to take medication is a very personal one. There are a lot of different factors to weigh.

That said, if you are having severe symptoms that you cannot seem to control and that are interfering with your quality of life, that's a good sign that medication may be something you want to try. Some people with more minor conditions can get away with psychotherapy and lifestyle interventions alone, but if you are in fact having severe mania, medication is likely a good thing to try.

Is Lexapro the only medication you ever tried? There are many more out there, and they all work in different ways. Sometimes you have to try a few before you find one that will help you.

The first step is to get an accurate diagnosis from a professional, because the medications they will try first, and what will be most likely to work, depends on the diagnosis. Is that possible for you?

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I don't wait until it gets bad. That's like, um, masochistic for me.... I prefer evenness of mood whenever possible.

If you have mania and cutting, I am not so sure another SSRI would be the way to go. Have you been dx bipolar or depressed? You need to see a new pdoc who knows what they are doing with mood disorders, so that you can be on the correct meds, which should improve your life significantly.


It sounds like way past time to me.

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