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Do you see the post # count in the blue header or below?


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  1. 1. Is your post # count (right upper corner) in the blue boarder or in the text box?

    • Above the text box in the blue boarder.
    • Below the boarder in the text box.

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For every post that is made on a thread there is a post count in the right corner. This post should be #1. The post count should be in the blue boarder above the text box. Sometimes it's in the text box. How is it for you?

If it's in the text box, what type of system/browser are you using?

I'm on Internet Explorer 9.

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Before I got bored of testing different browsers, I checked the current version of Firefox on OS X and Win7, IE9 (with and without compatibility mode), and Safari, and every single one of them had it in the border above the text box.

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