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*avoiding* instead of *facing* the problem


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my apologies if im posting in the wrong place. i dont know if im not *man* enough but whenever im scared of a situation "like" being bullied by someone else instead of facing up to the person i *avoid* him/them. some examples:

- when someone hassles me(like street kids, druggies)at the bus stop and i feel threatened i wont go to that bus stop again

- when some guy has a " go "at me in the shopping centre coz he *thinks* im being a smartass coz i get in his way, i avoid that shopping centre for the next 6 months coz i feel he might *do* something to me next time i get close to him

- when school kids are playing jokes on the bus im in and start throwing things at me from then on i dont catch buses with school kids in them

im schizophrenic. my friends say im being too soft and i should get some balls and learn how to "fight" and "answer" back

like the topic titles says im avoiding the problem instead of facing it...

am i being too soft? not a "real" man?

any thoughts comments???

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When things make me anxious I tend to avoid them, too. One problem is your world gets smaller and smaller the more things you avoid. I'm working on trying new things and getting out more. Do you have a tdoc? You could discuss ways to slowly approach things in therapy. You could let your pdoc know, too. They may be able to adjust your meds somehow.

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