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Finally got brave enough to get an account

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So um... I've been reading this website for quite some time, but just recently joined. I'm a 24 year old who looks like a 16 year old (or so everyone says), and I've been diagnosed with bipolar disorder (not exactly sure what type, since I only got through one session with the therapist before they started screwing with the scheduling), PTSD, and severe depression. I self harm, and I have for a very long time. It's just gotten worse recently, and it doesn't help that my ex is using it as an excuse to say that I'm emotionally manipulating him because I asked him to help me quit. I just hide it from him now.

I'll go onto something more positive now...

I'm a professional baker, and I absolutely love it. :3 I'm also quite the artist. It keeps me sane. My deviantart is http://waterelemental.deviantart.com/ if anyone wishes to check it out. I love loosing myself in books, the internet, video games, and music. I play french horn, and I sometimes compose my own music. I used to write, but I kinda stopped after a wave of depression made me burn all that I wrote because I hated it so much. Other than that, I'm just your average introvert.

Thanks for taking your time to read this.

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Hi Ottery! I was a baker - artisan breads - before my body broke and made me stop. I miss it. There's nothing like being head-down-arse-up in a hundred-gallon mixer scooping up arms-full of warm, pillowy bready goodness to go "FWOMP" onto the shaping table, is there? Or are you the purty-stuff kind of baker? Closest I got to the purty stuff was holiday breads, croissants and brioche... I was wretched at doing cakes and suchlike things in quantity, I'd panic and they'd go to crap and I'd get yelled at and panic some more and it was just bad all around. LOL Anyway, welcome!

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    • By deirdrescott
      Bonjour y'all.
      I feel like I know y'all a bit - long time lurker. I just wanna say that I have used this site to help me research and kinda navigate my way through the blissful path of personal awareness in my journey through crazyland. I have been very thankful to find great resources and opinions here. 
      So, into the breach of introductions...
      I am a 32 y/o lady hailing from the great and dirtiest South, Louisiana. I've been a healer for over half my life, and a massage therapist for over a decade. I'm a (veerrry) small business owner working from home So that I can also care for my two magnificent children, one of whom is a tri-lingual, fencing super-nerd and the youngest of whom is the closest thing to a literal angel that I will ever know. I know.. Im biased but I don't lie!
      My youngest (5) is also a soldier in the battle against unwonted, rare disease called Mitochondrial Complex III Deficiency. She is not expected to survive adolescence. I share this information to promote awareness of her affliction and to give some glimpse into the muti-faceted gem of shit luck that contributes greatly to my episodes of mental illness exacerbations. 
      Diagnosed borderline, major depressive disorder, schizoaffectve with just a dash of PTSD and DID to keep it fun. I did not seek help until the peak of my schizoaffective emergence, during which I attempted twice within a year. I've been off and on the pharmacopia and onlythis year did I see a counselor. 
      Now, because I'm swimming in medical bills for prescription meds, supplements (that insurance sure as shit won't cover), shitty cars, doctors appointments, genetic tests....yeah, I'm broke as fuck and I am on Medicaid. The great state of Louisiana is kind of a clusterfuck of bad doctors, limited mental health resources, and waiting lists that last over 6 months....so my mental health options are severly restricted. 
      So I'm finally deciding to say hi to all of you in the hopes that we can aquaint ourselves and, hopefully, I can find some sense of community because no one in Jesus country is really open to talking about mental illness unless its to call MI the side-effect of demonic possession. 
      So howdy y'all!
    • By mrjones
      Just changed my therapist as the old one moved too far away....across the country, sucks cause I was with her like 14 years.  Anyway, to the point, do most people feel kind of like the R.E.M. song "Losing my Religion" where he says "oh no I've said too much I haven't said enough" and by the way I do think this new tdoc is great so far so I don't think it's her really.
    • By Matt45
      I was diagnosed 30 years ago bipolar took all kinds of meds. Drug and alcohol abuse my entire life. Never in one place long enough or clean enough to think not bipolar. I have been mostly clean and around same people 7 years now. Questions led to testing. Told I have avoidance disorder.  I stopped meds. Things are scary Dr. Stopped working with me. I have not been without some med. Or drugs for lifetime. I get paranoid and doubt everything. I see councilor but feel like a child all this new stuff and fear no sleep trying to work crying happy opinion on everything friends family myself no idea what I am.  Off meds 2 month. Struggling. Not apposed to meds but need time to sort out who I am and what I can handle. Sorry lost right now. Trouble at work had to take off need help
    • By huntforbravery
      Hi everyone!
      I'm huntforbravery. I've got social phobia and it's been kicking my ass lately. I thought joining a community might help me to talk some of it through. Not to mention I'll get to meet new people through the comfort of anonymity . I just graduated from school and am on the job hunt. I spend a lot of time binging TV and blogging. I try and get out of the house and be social when I can. My anxiety can make it hard, though, especially with things like networking events that I can't get out of. Thankfully, I have a good support network who help me through the worst of it.
      It's nice to meet you all.
    • By HobbitInHell
      Hello everyone, thought I would do what everyone else has done and introduce myself a little.
      (Possible Trigger below)
      I am George, I live in Dagenham with my soulmate. I suffer from social anxiety disorder, and depression. I spend everyday indoors, but I do try to go outside at least once during the day. I used to be a member of the Mental Health Forum but felt unwelcome after a couple of years, then I joined RethinkTalk which was great until it closed down and ever since I have been trying to find somewhere else to go...Then a few days ago I found this place!
      It seemed good to me, and I put a lot of effort into getting here..Considering I had to register over ten times, and create a yahoo account. So obviously I am glad I finally have an account, and can check the place out. I used to be on Citalopram for a short period of time, but then stopped taking them and decided to improve myself, by myself. Last couple of years have dedicated my time into doing just that-sorting my head out!
      I have not self harmed since a year ago, I no longer starve myself or force myself to throw up, I even ate some things in front of people (phobia of eating in front of people), have gained confidence in myself, haven't tried to kill myself since 2010 and I am generally doing a lot better in life. Although I still have a LOT to work on, I am getting there slowly. 
      Anyway yeah that's me, and my shitty intro
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