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Time It Takes to Update Profile?

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    • By Melancholia_Personæ
      That is such a crappy title....oh well, too late now. O.K - Soooooo.... I've made my first post. Yay for me. Now It's about time that I choose an avatar for myself. Something that represents me. And all of my individuality. Without being offensive to others. Something that suggests I'm cool and awesome and funny and hip....while also letting people know I'm a sensitive human being with feelings and emotions.
      Of course I could always choose a character from a cartoon/tv show/movie who I think is cool, suggesting to anyone who looks at it that I myself am just as cool as the person or thing shown.
      This is as every part as stressful as buying a new item of clothing or a new car. But worse because this is the internet which means that everything I do, say and post will exist until the end of time (or at least until the end of the internet)
      On the other hand this is me. And if there is one thing that I don't care about, it's the opinions of other people. Which means that I get to pick anything I want and not have a care in the world about what people think about it. Of course my choice may mean that people don't want to talk to me because they think I'm weird. As if this post wouldn't indicate that to people anyway.....
      Ok.....and here we go......and the winner is......
    • By Chemist
      I'd like to delete my profile on this site, or at the very least stop receiving e-mail digests each week.  I've scoured the settings, but I was unable to find any indication of how to halt the e-mail digests or remove my profile.  Any help on this would be appreciated.
    • By lisa2712
      How do I change my signature on here? I can't find a way to do it.
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