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Cocktail Suggestions!

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Ok so I'm on the typical med roller coaster. I posted a thread earlier about alternatives to ativan in the chill pill thread, but that got me to thinking...I need something to keep helping with depression as well.

The doc suggested Remeron, but we didn't explore other anti anxiety meds yet, but I do know that pretty soon I'm going to be tapered off Ativan.

So I need to know what a good cocktail would be to treat panic disorder as well as major depressive disorder?

Thanks for your help.

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I take Remeron. It is a very sedating AD, but after awhile the extreme sedation wears off. It does not help me with my anxiety. It is considered to be a good and effective AD that really has only two bad side effects: appetite increase and sedation. As I mentioned, after a while the sedation wears off.

In the past, I have had luck with Remeron + Celexa. However, we all react to AD's differently so that doesn't mean it will work for you. For some reason, Celexa was effective against a lot of my anxiety which was not the case for a lot of SSRI's that I have tried. But as I've said, that's just me.

You might consider a low dose of one of the sedating AAP's such as Zyprexa or Seroquel along with an AD. They help with both depression and anxiety.

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Most SSRIs have a pretty good record as prophylactics for PD but don't don't do you any good once you're actually in an attack. One common approach is to take the SSRI to prevent panic attacks and keep some xanax or something around as an "in case of emergency break glass" type of med.

I haven't read anything regarding the use of Remeron for PD. I found that it helped my free floating anxiety but didn't do much for my OCD or social anxiety.

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