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Conflicting doctors: am I Borderline OR Bipolar?

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Lost story short: I saw another psychiatrist as a follow up today because I had a major upset yesterday. I'll see my regular one on Thursday.

My question is this: when I asked my regular psychiatrist a few weeks back and asked her if she thought I might be Borderline, she actually laughed. She said I wasn't Borderline and didn't really elaborate.

Today I asked this psychiatrist this question: "Why is it that today I'm relatively normal feeling, while the past four days I've been lower than I've ever been?" He said it might have to do with a Personality Disorder--Borderline specifically. Please note he DIDN'T say I had it and admitted that he couldn't make that call, but it was something that my regular psychiatrist might want to consider after seeing me for several months.

I suppose the main red flags that speak to me not being Borderline: I'm typically non-confrontational, don't self harm, and don't feel empty. I always know who I am, even at my lowest moments. I'm not afraid of being abandoned and always (try) to see the good in people, even if they've done bad things to me, etc. In other words I don't have black and white judgement.

So--if these things aren't true, can I still be Borderline? My largest concern is that if I'm Borderline all these Bipolar medications won't do much good, and instead I should be doing intensive therapy as opposed to a visit every two or so weeks.

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