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I love Tegretol (carbamazepine). Tegretol has saved my life. I can't really say that it has made me un-depressed, but it keeps me from falling into those bone-crushing depressions for very long. I've been taking it for about 6 years now, and I can't say enough about it because if you only knew the condition I was in when I started taking it and saw me now, you would understand how it is my miracle drug.

However, it is not a miracle drug for everyone. Many people don't find that it has any antidepressant effect at all. Some people, like Stacia, get cognitive problems from it. I really never got cognitive problems from it. If you get them, the cognitive problems will usually go away after a few months.

But I have a warning: If you are taking any other drugs or if you ever start any other drug while taking Tegretol, their dosages will likely need to be increased. I just found out that Tegretol reduces the amount of Abilify in the blood by 70%. That just means I have to increase my Abilify dose. This happens with many, many, meds so always run your drugs through the interaction checker and/or talk to your doctor about it.

Tegretol is the only drug in my cocktail that I would literally fight you for. That's how much it means to me.

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JT,I'll arm wrestle for tripetal,

it has helped my blizzard of mood changes.

My OCD still lingers,Lex kills it,

but makes me go into orbit,not good.

The side effects were minimal,with trepital,

I take 300mg twice a day.


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The verdict is still out with me. I'm been on tegretol for about a month and on 600mg for about a week. Since this increase, I'm noticed like a slight cloud over my brain. A little dullin, slowing, praying that will go away. No issues with weight either way. I know I'm hoping it will greatly help with my anger and maybe even get me out of some of this depression. I'm starting to give up hope though. Year ago lithium worked so well to chill me out but when I tried again years later it did nothing but make my eyes blurry. Sooo dissapointed. that would be a lifesaver right now. I just hope this works and wasn't all for nothing.

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