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    • By saveyoursanity
      I thought I'd post this thread because I've recently come across some great android apps for crazy people.  Please feel free to share!  Do tell whether your apps are for Android or iPhone or what, though, because unfortunately we can't use each other's
      Moodlytics is, bar none, the best mood tracker I've found.  It has the capacity to annoy the shit out of you remind you as often as you want to input your mood, back up your data, and it even does handy graphs for those times when you sense your psychiatrist needs to look at some pretty colors because you're using words of too many syllables to explain your mood. 
      Cons:  I have no idea how you can add backdated moods but I hope they're working on it.  There's also quite a bit of Engrish in there...  I'm enjoying it as some flavor (they defined all the moods with a specific color!?) but it might get on your nerves if you dislike that.
      Runner up:  T2 Mood Tracker.  Developed by the US government; this app records more data than you can shake a stick at and also does multiple moods a day.  I found that it felt like it almost recorded too much data, it seemed so difficult to customize that I never did it, and it asked about really too much stuff related to mood at a time for someone who wanted to fill it out multiple times a day, but YMMV.  (It does support multiple times a day.)
      The other app I'm really loving is called MyChain, and it works on a motivation hack.  The premise is simple:  you tell it an activity you want to complete at least once a day and then you add a widget to your screen that tells you the number of days you've done it in a row.  The objective is "Don't break the chain!" and I have to say, knowing that I've been able to do something (or NOT do something) 28 or 16 days in a row is pretty powerful motivation.
      What apps have you found that speak specifically to needs that crazy people might have?  Or just general needs, for organization or getting things done or whatever?
    • By discomposed
      Does anybody have any recommendations for a sleep tracker app?
      I need one that...
      1. allows me to manually enter sleep times
      2. differentiates between (at least) trying to sleep and actually sleeping
      3. shows the results in a graph format
      4. lists average sleep hours for the last 7 days
      What I don't need is one that functions as an alarm.
      I'm really, really sick of the sleep tracking website I'm using right now and its general crappiness when viewed from the iPhone (also, their app, while pretty, isn't all that functional)
      If there isn't an app, but you know of a website-based tracker that functions well when viewed through a mobile browser, I'd be interested in that as well. I just want something that will function well enough from my phone that I can show it to my therapist or pdoc when they randomly ask about my sleep.
    • By dedoubt
      As I have very little brain left, my memory is shit. Without the calendar on my iPhone, I would never remember any appointment. It's a great little portable brain. This morning I nearly dropped my phone down the stairs, and in a moment of horror, realized that if it dies, I will be lost, cast adrift on a sea of memorylessness....... SO, I tried to sync my phone with my computer (Mac PowerBook G4, OS 10.5.8-- the iPhone is a 3GS with OS 4.3.5).

      It didn't work.

      Every solution I found online leaves me with the same problem-- the only way to force the sync is to have the computer overwrite the phone data. The only data I have (and need) is on the phone. BLERGH.

      Any ideas?
    • By LilacOutsideMyWindow
      Arg, still coughing. Did I mention yet that my right lymph node in my neck is swollen?
      And tendor? Whine. I'm not running a fever, thank goodness.

      Last night was another A&P exam. This time over nerves and the spinal cord. There were models out that we had never before gotten a chance to see, and that was a bit upsetting. I am not nearly as confident as I normally am after an exam, but we'll see.

      Today I need to finish a take home Psych exam, help oldest put together the display board for his science fair project, and do some more math with him as well.

      Yesterday I saw tdoc and pdoc. I told tdoc about being grumpy, engaging the woman in psych about punishments, and having all my insecurities brought up again. Then I mentioned that it's approaching the anniversary of my diagnosis, and I think that's bothering me more than I thought it would. She wants me to do some sort of mood tracking. Not that I'm necessarily headed into a mood episode, but one good way to tell is mood tracking.

      We talked about acceptance. I thought I had accepted being bipolar, but right now, not so much. I don't want to have a chronic illness, especially one that has a genetic component so I know I'll always be watching my kids for signs. I don't want to take meds for the rest of my life. At the same time, I really really don't want to go back to how things were before. I love my meds and the stability they've given me. I guess, at the moment, I'm just feeling a lot of “why me?” whiny-ness. Perhaps it's the anniversary bringing that up.

      Next I was off to pdoc. She thinks a lot of my current not-quite stable-ness could be due to time change. It is hard to adapt, and it's only just happened. Again, mood tracking to see.

      So I've got a new iphone (not the new new one, but still new to me) and decided to look to see what kind of mood trackers work with it, since I'm often playing with it lately, and it's nearly always with me.

      There is a MedHelp mood tracker, but it's called Moody Me and that annoys me. It has just a few moods, all represented by smilies. So, eh. I played with a bit, but don't think I'll keep using it.

      There is the period tracker I'm using, called iPeriod, that also tracks moods. It has more moods and symptoms than Moody Me, and I'm already tracking my weight and other stuff in it most days, but it doesn't do mood charts and I think I'd like those.

      So I'm searching iTunes.

      There is a web-based called Optimism (optimismonline.com) that looks pretty comprehensive, but it isn't free (quite expensive, really) and doesn't really do mixed states.

      There is a mood and med tracker that is $5 in the app store that I'm considering, because it does cover mixed states. It's just called Mood Tracker by Cheryl T Herman.

      Of course I could simply go back to only tracking on the pc, with moodtracker.com, but I was really hoping for something on the phone.
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