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I just messed up again


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I don't know why I did it, but I fucked up tonight. When I went to bed I knew that I wasn't going to sleep and I thought to myself when four o'clock rolls around I'm going to have to cancel because I just won't be up to subbing for a bunch of second graders. I don't know why I didn't sleep, I don't believe that I really tried or I wouldn't be here at 4:30 am with no job in the morning.

And he's going to be so mad at me. 'Cause now when I do shit like this I'm not just failing me I'm failing the whole family. I mean I punished myself, of course. But that isn't enough because that doesn't change the fact that I screwed up and let him down.

I don't know why I just didn't sleep.

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I see you take Restoril, what would of happened if you added a Klonapin ? I find benzos are good for when you just can't sleep/your regular meds are not working. The other thing i like about them is that

I can take them late at night/early in the morning if i can't sleep.


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