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Lack of emotions - severe depression, and Wellbutrin + Cymbalta + Azona

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I am looking for some answers and user experiences about using Wellbutrin and Cymbalta together. (I am not English or American, so I apologize my mistakes in English grammar.)

I am 31 years old woman and I have been "ill" for 10 years. I can later explain why I got sick, but now I am on Cymbalta 30 mg and Wellbutrin 150 mg, and I would so like to hear about other people´s experiences with this combo.

My diagnoses are longterm depression and borderline personality disorder. But I´am a nice person! :D

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Hi Alatar- I am on wellbutrin(300mg) and cymbalta(90Mg)-- for about a year. I am also taking lithium and lamictal. I am bipolar but depression has been crippling for a good 20 years plus.

Would be glad to share experiences with you. Do you take any other meds?

I have only been part of this forum for a month but have felt alot of support.

I believe you are a good person.

Your english is just fine. Keep writing.

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1) Your English is just fine, no need to worry about that, I can totally read what you're saying! I'm impressed that you speak multiple languages, in fact... I am much more awkward in my second language (German).

2) Please do introduce yourself on the introductions board. My suggestion is to put a link to your intro in your signature (that's what I did when I was new on here... 6 years ago). I know that even though you may feel awkward in English, we are very welcoming on the introductions subforum... and all other subforums, for that matter. :-) If you wish to talk about your personal history a bit (as much as you are comfortable), that will help us help you out. Also, we do like to know what anybody's attempted to diagnose you with, and what meds you're on, this way we've got a full picture of you. We're not here to diagnose you (that's why you should see a doctor), but we are here to support you, your MI, and you dealing with your meds.

3) Okay, so the meds. I have been on that combination before. Due to expense reasons, I once had my Concerta kicked out in favor of generic Wellbutrin SR (or whatever release formula that lasts approximately 12 hours). The drug is moderately stimulating so my psychiatrist felt it would be worth a try for my AD/HD. I am also on Cymbalta 60 mg/day and have been so for almost 7 years now. The Wellbutrin experiment was about 2 years ago (before Concerta went generic) and I can tell you that it was a minor disaster since the Wellbutrin made me a bit depressed and I went back to the Concerta (paying for it dearly of course, but out of pocket and not out of mind).

4) What's this "Azona" thing.... I know I'm not too familiar with non-American brand names, but I couldn't find any references at all to Azona being any sort of med.

Please do let us know more details, this way we can help you! =)



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