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Hello Everyone

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Welcome to the crazy house

Well.. Almost...

If you haven't guessed by now, my name is Andrea.

I won't go into age or gender, because that's on my profile.

I have social anxiety and mild agoraphobia.

I was recently diagnosed with Bipolar type 2.

I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

My social anxiety is triggered by thoughts of leaving the house. More specifically: the idea of leaving my cat unsupervised. It started with the death of a pet. No one did anything wrong, but that's how it is. Symptoms are severe nausea, and light light headedness... as well as irrational thoughts of the worst scenario.

My favorite color is red.

My favorite swear word is "f*ck".

My favorite bands include The Indigo Girls, Lamb of God, Chimaira, and Fair to Midland.

I live with a married couple. No we are not together. Yes I've seen them naked. No, I was not turned on by this.

I have one hairless cat. My room mates have 4 potbellied pigs. Yes, the pigs are inside pets. No they are not farm hogs, and NO we do not plan to eat them.. Though I might change my mind if the little one doesn't stop grinding his damn teeth, for entertainment!

Hobbies include:

Knitting, crocheting, blogging.

Yes I can make you something. No, it won't be for free. (I'm unemployed and I can't afford to make things and give them away)

I'm sarcastic, forward, and sometimes mean. I don't go out of my way to be. I just don't see the need to sugar coat things, so it tends to offend people.

I am almost always kind, gentle, and understanding. Yes, I am aware that the sentences above this one contradict the one next to this one, but that's how I am. No lie.

I was born in North Dakota, raised in SC. I am a Southern girl at heart. This does not mean I believe in incest or that I'm racist. I hate NASCAR, hunting, and beer. (I'm not against hunting, I just don't see it as "fun" or "a sport".)

I am bisexual.

I have a boyfriend. Please be respectful of that. :)

He has Avoidance Personality Disorder. Our relationship is no where near easy, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Its such a relief being with someone who understands my depression and social anxiety.


This is my cat, Ryuu. He's a Peterbald. Not a Sphynx.


3/4 pigs, and one of my room mates, Jeff. This was like 4am. Its not nearly as messy as it seems to be in this picture.


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Welcome to Crazyboards. You don't have to put the asterisk in your favorite word. We don't censor language around here.

Be sure you read the user agreement and send a PM to one of the staff if you don't understand something.


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on my, all those pigs lieing around like dogs!! totally cracks me up

are they trained to stand at the back door and oink! when they need to go potty??

welcome! Andrea

I hope that is not your real name, need to protect yourself on the internet

however there are a lot of nice people here

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I signed up using my facebook account, because i was too lazy to fill out a form haha! Is there a way to change that, without having to sign up for a new account? o.O

The boys are trained. They do get rather loud when they are hungry, but we have a large doggy door, so they go out to potty when they need to. They come to their names.

Any questions feel free to ask :)

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Welcome to the boards from another newbie. I don't feel real new 'cause I lurked and read posts like crazy (ha ha - like CRAZY) for a long time before I became official and all that.

I think your cat is very cool. And I'm glad you have roommates 'cuz I don't think (when things get really dark in my head like they do for me sometimes) that it's a good thing to be all alone in a space empty of other humans. Even though you would still have your cat, Don't know if you feel the same way. I hope your roomies are as understanding as your boyfriend.

Flameless Candle

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