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Just Joined =]

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Hey I'm Alice and have just officially joined,

I'm usually on Whyeat and this came up when I searched for similair sites,

I'm 16 and live in England.

I have depression, schizophrenia, and bulimia as well as a self-harmer.

I love to write stuff and I have a blog where I post writing and I love fan-fic.

I like to dance a lot and read.

I have three rabbits.

Not entirely sure what else to put here but I wouldn't mind if you wanted to talk ever, I like to listen.

So yep, hey.

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Hi Alice, and welcome to Crazyboards. We ask everyone to read the rules--there aren't many and they're pretty easy to follow.

Don't be afraid to PM a moderator if there is something you don't understand.


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I'm pretty new myself and wanted to welcome you... I was a "lurker" for a long time and I read lots and lots and lots of posts and felt like I knew some of the people and the topics in the forums before I even joined. This is a really great place to be.

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