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As y58 said, this is a place for crazy people and it's run by crazy people. We can say "mentally ill" if you like that better!

Please read our rules so you understand how we operate. When you are ready to talk about your own MI, there will be lots of people here who will listen to you and respond.


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I am new myself. I'm still learning but I wanted to welcome you since it seemed like you didn't know how to start.

I learned a LOT about Crazy Boards just by reading all the posts I could possibly read (I'm a reader!) and before I even joined for real, I felt like I knew some of the people here already..... I think the best way is just to go into the forums and read the posts - you may want to choose the forum or forums that seem most similar to what you are going through.

The thing is, the people here may be "crazy" (by someone's definition of "normal" ) and they are also incredibly smart.

They are (with a few exceptions) very involved with their treatments and medications, know a lot about what's going on with them, take advice from their doctors (but also ask the doctors/therapists/counselors questions when they don't understand something). They offer support (and sometimes "tough love" when needed) to other people on the board(s). They're not doctors (at least I don't think we have a lot of doctors here, although I imagine they could be "crazy" as well.....) so they can't give medical advice but they can give "life advice" from their own experience.

When you post on the board, it's always good to give some background and ask a specific question - it's easier for people to help you that way.

Finally, you'll notice that many people put their diagnosis and whatever meds they're on right in their signature line. That helps a lot too.

I hope this helped ... because I'm new I also hope I didn't say anything that wasn't correct.

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