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I need help PLEASE

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To make a long story short, I experienced a medically induced panic attack back in February. I was given Compazine for nausea and it put me into a 14 hour severe panic attack. About two months after, I experienced another panic attack which was triggered by the memory of the first panic attack. I spent several days experiencing EXTREME anxiety, to the point that I wouldn't leave my closet. Finally, my partner convinced me to go to the ER, which they were no help. I got in to see my Dr. a couple of days later and she prescribed Klonopin.

At first, the Klonopin seemed to make a difference but about a week after taking it, I began to get extremely depressed. I was already taking Lexapro for depression, so my Dr. added Welbutin to the mix. This helped for a couple of weeks, but sure enough, the anxiety started coming back, and this time we added Neurontin to the mix. I didn't get much relief and began seeing a psychiatrist who prescribed Remeron. At first, the Remeron was a miracle drug - my anxiety completely vanished, however, about three weeks into the Remeron, my anxiety once again began intermittently, and I decided enough was enough. I weened myself off of the Welbutin and also Vyvnase (which I have been taking for three years for ADHD). I felt better than I had in a long time and went about two months with zero anxiety. At this point, i decided it was time to try and reduce the Klonopin from 1mg 2x daily to .75 mg 2x daily. This was a mistake. The first day I was very anxious and quickly upped my does back to where it had been. Unfortunately, the anxiety hasn't diminished, in fact has been getting worse since then. It has been about a week and I am ready to throw in the towel. What do I do? I have gained over 30lbs in two months but felt it was worth being rid of the anxiety. I feel so stuck I want to die. Please, if you have any advice!

BTW: I am a therapist so am familiar with all the psychological treatments available.

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Klonopin can be difficult to get off of, but it is possible. There are quite a number of threads on Crazyboards about it, if you do a search.

There are many other medications that can help with anxiety. Unfortunately, it might take trying several before you find one that helps. The best thing to do is to tell your pdoc everything you are experiencing, and your complete med/anxiety history if you haven't, then work with him to find a med that takes care of your anxiety. Anxiety can be caused by so many things, and as you know, that should be explored in therapy. I'm not sure what kind of therapy you use, but DBT helped me a lot with my anxiety.

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i'm by no means knowledgeable about what your med schedule should look like. i can say, though, that you will feel increased anxiety coming off the klonopin that doesn't necessarily last. it's crazymaking, but anxiety is a symptom of withdrawal from the drug (that you're taking to prevent anxiety!).

it's usually recommended that you go really, really slowly when reducing klonopin. and at each dose taper, you will feel a little anxious, then it gets better again. unless you have a medical need to get off benzos right away, it's usually best to go as slow as possible. it's hard to know how much anxiety you really have until you've been through the withdrawal process.

that being said, it might end up that it's not a good time to reduce your klonopin dose. but if your pdoc wants you to try, i'd recommend taking it very slowly and anticipate having some extra anxiety on the days that you lessen the dose. the first few days at .75mg x2 might feel awful, but then on the third day you feel a little more normal again, etc. but again, that is IF the time is right to discontinue (only pdoc can say if this is true).

i am not explaining this well, i can tell heh. sorry. it sounds to me like klonopin is all that's holding it together for you at this point, so i'd be seeing your pdoc as soon as possible to let him know things aren't working well enough that you feel you can taper the klonopin safely. i hope you find some relief soon. anxiety can be so debilitating.

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I have read a few articles online (take them for what they are worth) about people reducing benzos by taking a tablet and cutting a bit off the end, taking it, then repeating for a few days. After a few days or so they would cut a bit more off and repeat so the reduction was very slow. I'm obviously not an MD but just sort of food for thought. BTW, I'm assuming your screen name means you are a MSW? If so, I'm a BSW :)

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You have been prescribed 2x1mg clonazepam per day by your dr. Use it! You aren't ready to be tapering off the benzo yet. Screwing around with your meds without professional supervision is asking for trouble.

You could also talk to your p-doc about increasing the remeron dosage. You could also try a different ssri. There are many options for you - but I think you need professional help, whether you are a therapist or not.

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      Hi, I smoked a good amount of weed like 15 years ago when I was younger and before I took any meds or was diagnosed with adhd. I’ve been taking Adderall for a few years or so, klonopin, and the ssri/snri has been changed a few times. I am doing good overall but I have a hard time relaxing to just watch a movie without sort of fidgeting or thinking of things to do, playing video games sometimes, and winding down at the end of the day. I have tried a little weed a couple of times in the last month and it helped. I don’t abuse my meds and I am looking for info on what other people have found that take the same or similar meds and use weed?
      Adderall XR - 25mg twice a day. (May go back down to 20mg)
      Cymbalta 60mg a day
      Klonopin is .5mg up to 4x a day, and I usually take 1mg in the earlier evening and then .5 or sometimes 1mg later at night when I can’t get to sleep. 

      I don’t think I’d need as much klonopin if I smoked a little. I’ve read the stuff online and there’s not a ton of good info on mixing these; and I asked one doctor and they said some people do but they don’t suggest it and that it also can depend on when you use the weed. I’m in a state that has recreational use legal and I was looking at getting a medical card but the cost isn’t worth it as there’s no savings and it’s expensive. 
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      I have been taking 1-2 Klonopins a day for a few years and prior to that more Ativan prn than Klonopin. Recently it seems all I have needed was 1 mg a day of Klonopin. I have also been wanting something shorter acting for prn use. So I proposed to my pdoc that we change my benzo script to 1 Klonopin every day and 1 Ativan as needed. So I get 90, 1 mg Klonopins and 60, 1 mg Ativans in a 90 day period.(I get 90 day fills on all meds except Schedule I I) Pdoc seemed to like this. It seems to be working fine.
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      Hi everyone So here's a little background: I have been taking Klonopin daily for 4+ years now. The dosage at first was 1mg a day,  increased to 2mg a day, then 3mg a day, back down to 2mg. I was on 2mg a day for the majority of the time using Klonopin. At the beginning of 2018, I discussed with my psych that I want to VERY slowly taper off Klonopin completely, since I feel my anxiety and panic are not as bad as they were, especially with being on Prozac. He agreed, so we tapered very slowly. I would make 25% to 33% reductions every visit. So far I have made it down to 0.75mg a day. That's huge for me! My anxiety is still close to nonexistent, but I do worry about one thing. When I do eventually get off Klonopin completely, will my anxiety and panic come back even though I have been having mild symptoms from tapering that do, eventually go away? Looking for answers from people who have gotten off benzo daily use and successfully remained (mostly) anxiety-free. Thank you very much.
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      I was taking prozac for depression, .5mg klonopin daily for GAD, and lithium orotate for suicidal thoughts. I take rozerem at night for non24 sleep phase disorder. 
      The prozac stopped working and so my pdoc switched me to lexapro but it made me exhausted all the time- i basically would sleep, wake up, eat a little, go back to sleep... after two weeks she’s switching me over to effexor instead. I am starting at the lowest dose, but I’m not sure when to take it- is this going to be a morning pill? right now i take the lithium and rozerem at bedtime, and was taking prozac, klonopin and then the lexapro in the morning. I switched to taking the lexapro at night when i relized how exhausted it was making me. still, i slept all day and night. 
      so effexor- i’ve read enough to know it’s an snri, and it’s a bitch to climb back off of. and it can take up to a month to work? is there anything else about this combo i should know, or does anyone have experience with these meds together?
      i’m diagnosed with depression with psychotic features (since the 90s), general anxiety (past five years), non24 SPD, and chronic suicidal ideation. I know the non24 is the weird one, but I’ve found ways to set up my life/work schedule to manage it- i’m not sleep deprived.
      any thoughts would be great, i’m a relative newcomer to being medicated- i’ve only had access to a pdoc regularly dor the last three or four years, before that it was just urgent care or ER, random doctors trying to treat me.
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      Psych Dx: treatment resistant depression (major + persistent), generalized anxiety, adhd
      Psych Rx: bupropion 450 qd, buspirone 15 bid, adderall 20 am 10pm, clonazepam .5 prn
      Other Dx: celiac, gerd, vulvodynia/vulvar vestibulitis, oab, seasonal allergies, idiopathic chronic nausea, neuropathy, myalgia, & arthralgia
      Other Rx: myrbetriq 50 qd, pantoprozole 20 bid, topical estrogen qd, topical clobetasol prn, topical lidocaine prn
      OTC:  mucinex 12-hour bid, vitamin D3 qd, fish oil qd, probiotic qd, zyrtec qd, nasacort qd, saline spray bid, melatonin prn
      Previous Psych Rx: seroquel, depakote, lamictal, remeron, trazadone, lithium, ambien, sonata, zyprexa, lexapro, prozac, temazepan, xanax, rozerem
      So I've clearly been on a lot of meds over the years (since first being put on seroquel in early 2013) partially because I was initially misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder. I've been on my current cocktail for quite awhile, and I had been doing pretty well with my depression but it's gotten significantly worse lately due to some life events + unyielding chronic pain that has been getting worse for the last two years.
      For the neuropathy I tried gabapentin for several months and it did absolutely nothing. I've been suggested Lyrica (which even with my good insurance is still $100 a month or $200 for 3 months with a mail order pharmacy which is a lot more than I can reasonably afford) and Cymbalta.
      Does anyone with depression and/or neuropathy have any experience with taking Cymbalta and Wellbutrin together? The two SSRIs I've taken (lexapro & prozac) in the past both gave me severe gastrointestinal side effects and I wasn't able to stay on them long enough to see if they even helped. It would be great to have a cheap, generic drug improve my nerve pain and depression, but I'm nervous about trying another SSRI.
      I'm also fairly uncomfortable with the idea of going off bupropion, bc it's been pretty damn  effective if not adequately so. Because when I wasn't on bupropion I was a MESS and I'm afraid of going back to that level of depressed.
      Also curious if anyone has any success with using any med, Cymbalta or otherwise, as an adjunct treatment for depression?
      I have recently gotten back to therapy so I'm hoping that will help some but it's hard to follow through on anything from my therapist (or from my physical therapists, doing anything besides going to work & sleeping) bc of executive dysfunction, constant fatigue, pretty severe anhedonia, general feeling of emptiness.
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