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which of these typical Aps is the most sedating?

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these are the choices:

1. Chlorprothixene (Cloxan, Taractan, Truxal)

2. Pipamperone (Dipiperone)

3. Levomepromazine AKA Methotrimeprazine (Nosinan Nozinan, Levoprome)

4. Melperone

5. maybe something else you can think of?

I'm alredy on 100mg of nozinan daily since last week (like 4x25mg through out the day) and it's doing something. in fact it's helping with my derealization what didnt even responded to Clozapine, but the effect is WAAYY too weak. Doc said 100 mg is the maximum i can take (Pi-heet says up to 500mg, internet says up to 1000mg, but whatever. he's probably smart.). He also said that he's going to give me something else if the nozanin doesn't work and i'm curious what that could be with nozanin allegedly being the greatest elephant anesthetic around.

i'm totally sure i need a low potency antipsychotic with really LOTS of sedation. but the sedation should be from noradrenaline (norepinephrine) receptore antagonism as opposed to antihistaminic stuff. antihitamins just make me feel like crap. no sedation at all but i feel very very pissed off. whatever...

sooooo.... which one of these is the thing?!?



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