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Old friend stopping in to say hello

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It's been a looooooong time and I doubt that many people will remember Phoenix_Rising. I just wanted to: a) apologize for bolting and b) let you all know that I finally stopped rapid cycling due to a complete hysterectomy in Sept. 2010.

I stopped coming to CB b/c I was absolutely and completely obsessed with it....little hangup when you have OCD and all those other nasty initials. It was all I thought about and I had to just break away completely. If I have any sense, I'll stay away this time or at least limit my contact. Yeah, I'm sure that will work, heh.

After eight years, I finally stopped cycling due to a hysterectomy. I cannot describe the relief that comes in slowing down enough to breathe. Wish I could have had the hysterectomy years ago.

I think about you all a lot. I really have a lot of affection for the people on this site. I just can't seem to manage my own emotions about it. Hope you all can understand.

Peace and good health to all of you,


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Guest Vapourware

Welcome back! I do remember you, although it's doubtful that you would remember me, heh.

It's great to hear that you've found some relief from the cycling.

I hope you can stick around more, although it's fully understandable if you decide against it, in the end.

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OMG...My mouth hurts from smiling reading all your posts! Of course I remember you Emporer...you crack my shit up. Hey Lysergia...great to see you too ;)

And Sylvan and Vapourware and Water and tryp and Stacia. You guys rock and I really appreciate you stopping by to say "Hi".

Olga, much love and fond thoughts of you.

fantod: I'm happy to answer any ?'s about the joys of being female and mentally ill.

Titania: I've very curious to know who you are, but completely understand if you'd rather stay anonymous.

I'm not sure what "rules" I'm going to set for myself for this site. I've got to think about it a bit. I really miss blogging, but sometimes I felt like it was making things worse. I'm just a crazy gal trying not to focus too much on the craziness.

Thanks again for all the kind words :loved:

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