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TMI, but can meds give you horrific gas?

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Because, seriously, it smells like something crawled up my butt and died. I'm not talking like a 'haha, she farted and it was kinda stinky' gas. I mean, like I actually have to leave the room, roll down the car window, etc. otherwise I'd probably asphyxiate. Maybe I'm being overly dramatic, I'm on the medi-go-round and not really controlled right now. But goddamn is it bad!!! :blink:

Here's everything I take each day;

Paxil - 20mg

Effexor IR - 37.5mg

Luvox - I forgotmg

Inositol - 1000mg (but I recently stopped and the gas is slowing down. I think this may be the culprit...)

Daily multi vitimin

Calcium + D


Propanolol(?) as needed

Anyone have any stinky troubles with any of these? Between my butt, the twins' diapers, and the cat box, I feel like I'm constantly surrounded by stink!!!! BLEARGH!!!!

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A quick Google does suggest that inositol can cause a lot of gas.

That being said, SSRIs can have quite an effect on your digestive system (urgh, I can tell you TMI stories there). Serotonin is a really important neurotransmitter in your gut as well, not just in your brain. Although I would sooner expect diarrhea, cramping, constipation and the like, since gas is usually more related to bacteria digesting stuff than to your own bowel function per se. But meds may be having some effect. Hopefully quitting inositol will make it go away.

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Yes, many meds can cause gas, I'd suggest starting with one you think is likely/possible time frame wise and experimenting with it.

You could also try those beano drops, they work for gas other than beans, I believe. Or talk to pdoc about it (fun conversation, I'm sure, but they've heard it all before).


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I'm actually having a similar problem, but it's due to lithium (it started when lithium started).

Those chewable Gas-X tabs work really well. Plus they're easy enough to sneak in your purse and look discrete.

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