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Every Obsession under the Sun

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I am 26 years old and was diagnosed with OCD at 11. I pick my skin, stare at people and pictures repeatedly (The worst), worry like crazy about every thing, obsess over my health and safety and basically am always stressed and on edge. I sufffered from severe depression in college and was later diagnosed with Bipolar 2, OCD and Anorexia. I recovered from the Anorexia and depression having started taking a cocktail of different medicines at 11. I am now on Effexor, Depekote, Wellbutrin. I have just stopped abilify which put my body through hell. I am here because I want to find other people who understand what I am going through. I want to stop bugging my husband and family with my worries!

On a side note, I commend everyone for being here and having the strength to admit their disorders!

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