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hello, i am the crazy cat lady, et al!

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:wall: hello--yes, i am new here and just started looking into trying to finding some answers/thoughts/ideas on my "issues"-so i found this place, and thought-what the hell...so I had been initially told I was OCD-but ,by my PCP-knew I was a little on the anal-retentive side--then I found info on OCPD and suggested to him that since I was really not the multiple handwasher fanatic-maybe this more closely fits? He gave me an antidepressant and Xanax. I was not really satisfied with this-so now I see a "specialist"-what I refer to as my "psycho" doctor. I now have been dx'd with: OCPD, GAD, and PTSD (surprisingly) And with all of this-I take an antidepressant, still have the Xanax-but only take prn, and been taking an ADHD med for about 6 mos. It has helped me to stay more focused/organized-sort of. Wondering about cognitive therapy? Read a little on it-behavioral and analytical---I havent had any talk therapy with my doc as of yet. Any thoughts/ideas/experiences/suggestions?


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