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Window Priority - Win 7

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I have no idea if this even exists.. but I figured I'd may as well ask here before going hunting and randomly downloading things to try (if I could find any).

You know how some programs come with a "keep this window on top" function, right?

Well.. is there a "select order of windows to keep on top" program that you can have running in the background and just position windows to see everything you need without messing with the re-sizing?

I never even thought of that before, but I was just in chat with a mini-video on top playing.. and thought to myself that if I could keep it like that and still be able to type in the chat field.. that would be pretty cool. Heh.

So, does that exist? Anyone know? Or is it too random of an idea?

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Well, I finally looked at the obvious and found a setting tucked away in the video player to make it work that way. So problem solved. :D

Silly me.

A general window order program would still be cool to mess with however. If anyone happens to come across one, give me a heads up..

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