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I need one more med,no.

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I have been on the same regime,mostly,

with dosage meddling,Since the

medical drama of 2009it has been

Depakote @ 1500

Wellbutrin @300

Seroquel @ 600

klonipin @ 1-3

toss in my top of the line pain management or end of the line


My rapid cycling was interfering

with my life.

My Doc,had me try Tripedal ( like all good Docs his has seen me at my worst )

It works,no side effects and for a guy

who gets stomped either up or down.

This took a week or so to believe it.

now after 6-8 months,

I feel good still and no nastiness,

I know it's alot of meds,I can't argue the results.

Next will to see if I can loose one of my usual meds.

No hurry,lots of bloodwork,I'm OK

Anyone on this med load?

Does it work for you?

If you could ditch one,what would it be?

Tripetal people,do you like it or no?

It a colorful handful.


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I can't speak directly to your cocktail, but I can say as someone who is on 10 meds (we are talking side effect meds as well, here, not just psych meds) I will say this. Stay with what works. Your doc would know best which med to maybe think about reducing or eliminating, but if you find lack of stability returning.... well, for me, I worry more about stability than my med load at any given time.

My med load is shitty, yes, but I'm in what will be (based on past experience) a year of instability set off by zoloft. I'm lucky to have avoided the hospital so far and may need to ADD a med to avoid going in, so I will do what must be done in the present moment to keep stability, and worry about reductions when I'm well and truly stable (and for me, that means like 4 months, before I really go for serious reductions in shit).


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