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So happy to be here! (AKA Obligatory Greeting)

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A very sweet friend who's a member here referred me (and by extension my husband, who ironically or not, happens to be a psychiatrist, ha!) to these boards, and so far I've been super-impressed! I jumped into chat first, and what a cool group of people - and I swear I'm not just blowing smoke ;)

As for me...

  • 29-years-old, married for a year to my aforementioned amazing psychiatrist husband
  • We live in Manhattan with our two dogs, one of whom is a pound rescue who could benefit greatly from a canine version of these boards (I swear, he's on doggie anx meds and is still... troubled! But we love him anyway, because he's a cutie an he's our boy.)
  • I've been out of work as a high school librarian (a job I loooooooved!) since last November due to my PTSD, but my next goal is to pursue a graduate degree that will qualify me to work as either a clinical psychologist or a therapist
  • I was diagnosed with PTSD last October (October 21/22, the day that will live in infamy; my trauma was ongoing for about ten months, because I fought long and hard to have my rapist prosecuted only to end up with "inconclusive DNA" results letting him walk without my ever having a day in court - more traumatic than the rape, if you can believe that
  • I also am a victim of pretty dramatic police misconduct when I reported my rape, which I also have a lot PTSD symptoms surrounding
  • I like chihuahuas, reading (librarian here!), needlework (needlepoint and cross-stitch especially), macaroni and cheese, trashy magazines, quality bed linens, David Bowie, and talking talking talking, among many other things
  • I have what seems like 18 different autoimmune conditions (OK, like four), the worst of which is rheumatoid arthritis, so I'm always up for autoimmune talk!

I think that covers it! So nice to meet you all, and please tell me if I screwed up anything since this is my very first post!

Much love,


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Welcome to Crazyboards! Be sure you read the rules so you understand how we operate.

It sounds like you have a lot going on. Check out our PtSD subforum because it's only visible to members. Sometimes that helps people to feel a little safer.

We have several members with autoimmune issues, so I'm sure you will come across them. I'm glad your friend suggested that you check us out.


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