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I went in to see a neurologist for tremors in my hands. He blamed the aplenzin but went ahead and did nerve testing for carpal tunnel that apparently will also cause tremors. All the tests came back neg. for carpal tunnel so he wanted to take me off the aplenzin and leave me on the cymbalta. He is tapering me down from 344 to 172 to nothing. So are it's been a week I guess and my paranoia is becoming noticeable. I don't have a psychiatrist and this neurologist was not even going to tell my primary care doc.

I am also very lethargic and have been sleeping as much as possible. I am planning to call him tomorrow and tell him of this increased paranoia but my brain is also very all over the place so it's very hard to think.

I'm wondering if you have experience coming off aplenzin or another anti depressant.

thank you,

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