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Not getting notifications on 'followed' topic

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I'm using hotmail / live as my email provider.

I click on the right to follow a topic, thinking that when a reply is made I get an email notifying me that a reply to my topic has been made.

However, it's not working that way.

Am I doing something wrong or is a different setup needed?


~ Andy

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...did you check all your email folders?

Yes, check the Spam folder. Also, take a look at the topic you clicked to follow and make sure it says "Following" up on the gray bar at the top. "Instant" notification is normally pre-checked, but you want to make sure that option is selected in order to receive the replies in a timely fashion individually.

Lastly, click on your user name at the top, right-hand corner of the page and navigate to Settings. Look at the Notifications and make sure that the box to receive them is checked at the top, as well as the line underneath where it asks where you want the notification to be sent. Make sure Email is checked. Then scroll down to the bottom and click Save.

See if that works.

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