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Lexapro to Celexa ?

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Hmmm...well I made the switch from Celexa to Lexapro. It really was interesting, I was instructed to stop the Celexa cold-turkey and start 5mgs of Lex, up to 10 after a week. I didn't get any nasty withdrawal effects from the Celexa so far as I could tell. What I did get was the sleepiest period in my life. Honestly, I slept 18-20 hours a day during and after the switch, for about a month.

As for the actual effect on depression, they were very similar. Pretty much felt the same on Lexapro as I had on Celexa, actually, which had started pooping out on me - the Lexapro worked about as well from the beginning as the Celexa did after about 6 months of taking it. Which is to say, it worked, but not very well. But if your Lexapro was still working for you, I don't see why Celexa wouldn't work too.  And it's soooo much cheaper. B)

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