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So I'm not so new anymore; I've been a member for about a month, give or take a week. Not so good at tracking time these days.

Time flies when you're (not) having fun, and I'm procrastinating on writing a quiz to give to my organiationl behavior class that I teach tomorrow. CB is a good place to procrastinate! I teach accounting and business classes at a small university. I like the teaching; I don't like all the prep for classes, (which, as for most teachers, is done :"off the clock" - - on our own time), administrative paperwork, ridiculous mandatory in-service sessions with motivational speakers (YUCK!) or time-wasting internal meetings which we have constantly.

Anyway...Since I tend to identify people on Internet message boards by their avatars, now I have one of my own insted of that blank head, (No offense to the blank head people) and a rather lame quote to go with it. As I said in my first into, I feel like a candle without a flame. Not burning brightly (or at all) , but maybe waiting to light up and be happy again.....

Hope that makes sense, I've been in therapy for a long time; it helps ...just not enough.

Tht's all..... just wanted to post with my new avatar.

Hope you are all well ....as well as you are able to be in this moment at least.,

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