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I Don't Hate Big Pharma (but they are pretty stupid)

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I've been on my current cocktail of Risperdal, Wellbutrin XL and Seroquel XR for the past two years or so; after trying a LOT of different meds.

It occurred to me the other day that my life has been going great lately; I get out of the house, I'm signing up to a gym, I don't say as many crazy things, I'm writing, I take baths and I'm not glued to my bed, I have a date coming up and above all I don't feel like shit most of the time, so I thought it was time to thank Big Pharma.

I went through all the websites available for these meds and their manufacturers and despite my intention of writing a long thank you email I couldn't find a customer support email buried anywhere, just a phone number. It's pretty stupid to put up a phone number and no email when you make meds for anxiety, depression, and psychosis. Most of us don't like to make calls.

Well, bottom line, I couldn't write my thank you emails but I at least I can post a thank you:

Thank you Big Pharma, you've saved my life -- When I can work again and don't have this damn OCD and anxiety I might just show up at your office and give your president a big wet kiss.

Do any of you feel that same way?

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Guest Vapourware

I wonder if one of the reasons why they don't publish an email address is because there's lots of crackpots out there who are virulently anti-medication, and would probably spam the hell out of their email box :P

Anyways, I am also grateful for medication.

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