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Depakote- can it be helpful in schizoaffective aggression?

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So anyways, i have been interested in depakote lately mainly because my friend takes it and it works for him, and usually anything that works for him, works for me. He actually gave me a few samples of the drug, don't worry i told my doctor before i took them, she was fine with it. But anyways, they really worked to dampen down the aggression, I felt myself getting less and less aggressive with time and not in the way an antipsychotic works, an antipsychotic is more mood changing- for me anyways as it had to do with serotonin receptors and anything that messes with that screws me up awfully. An antipsychotic also feels heavy, almost like u don't have a choice whether or not you're going to be aggressive, and in most cases, you're not going to be aggressive or argumentative. I feel like depakote is very mild in the way it works, I can feel myself getting less angry, and less of a need to act out.,

My friend, he's also taken a variety of meds, klonopin, topamax, lexapro, and depakote. And the first three i've tried works for me, although i had to stop due to side effects. My psychiatrist was actually more inclined to give me lithium than depakote, because depakote isn't really used in some depressed patients but is more used in schioaffective disorders.

Also, an unrelated question, but does ativan or klonopin or any other benzo get affected by food in your stomach? I usually take klonopin with food, and it doesn't seem to work as well than say on an empty stomach. But sometimes, klonopin upsets my stomach.

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