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This is a hard Hello.

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As opposed to say a soft hello followed by a wave because I'm forcing myself to take this step and right now I'm having a dropped stomach episode and gritting through it because the Xanax might make me sleepy and I'm trying to work.

Early 30s, female, engaged, mother of 1 human child, parent to 4 furries.

Tentative diagnosis of depression and anxiety. To date 3+ weeks on Prozac and Xanax. Going to talk to my first pdoc tomorrow at the recommendation of my GP. I think I may have ADD inattentive type and I want to get tested. I've suffered from depression episodes before but never followed through on treatment after the episodes have ended. In fact I never seem to start or follow through on much of anything, at least not if I can avoid it or wait until the last minute and all the crap(past and present) I leave hanging haunts me.

I've lurked through your boards and thank you for putting yourselves out there for people like me who are scared and hopeful of where this might lead.


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