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Amisulpride + Zyprexa

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Can anyone tell me what will happen to my brain?

I came from my pdoc's office last Wednesday, and he upped my Zyprexa Zydis to 20mg, and added 200mg of amisulpride (Solian), on top of 150mg Lamictal, 50mg Topamax, 4mg biperiden and 500mcg of alprazolam and 500mg Depakote.

At night, I'm so tired and I feel drunk but I can't fucking sleep!

And I got horrible akathisia last night that I just HAD to keep kicking and flailing my arms and legs or else I'll go nuts.

So he added 50mg Iterax and 50mg benadryl to be taken at night.

I'm so damn scared when night comes because I can't sleep though I am freakishly tired and feeling drunk.

What is happening to me?

Can anyone else chime in?

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Guest Vapourware

The first thing you should really do is to contact your pdoc at the first instance. We're not experts here, so we can't really offer you much advice. Especially with a complex combo like that.

The only little thing I might suggest is talking to your doctor about amisulpride. I remember when I was taking it, I found the drug rather sedating.

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I did contact him. He upped my depakote to 1000mg.

Told me to take biperiden in the morning and bendryl at night, and iterax if that still doesn't work.

I get the feeling that I'm in the treatment-resistant category already. I've tried all the atypicals in our country and my pdoc's thinking maybe it's clozapine time. But we're withholding that and trying out different things first. Hence the combo of amisulpride + zyprexa. It was haldol + zyprexa for a time, but I felt too zombified and I couldn't take the drooling. I was also on invega + zyprexa for a time too, but I couldn't take the side effects of invega.

Only zyprexa touches my delusions, so we're sticking with that. I haven't gained any weight from that either, so that's a plus. But I still get visual hallucinations, we need to add a more robust dopamine agonist.

But I am hungry all the time on depakote and my cravings are intense.

As someone with ED issues, this is BAD.

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I'm sorry your complex combination isn't working. I hope you find some relief. As a depkaote user who has had those food cravings, I can only suggest what worked for me, though I would not try it without a nutritionist's support, given that you are in recovery: look at carbohydrates in your diet, and reduce them a bit. I found that with the depakote, to stay on track and lose weight (I gained 45 lbs on dep and an AAP) I really had to look at not just HOW many calories I was getting but WHAT I was eating.

Also are you on depakote ER? Some people find that reduces the hunger cravings. It can also be best if you take it all at night. There are a few preliminary studies out there, I believe, that suggests the ER is less appetite inducing.... that is what I found when I switched to that.


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Yes, I am on depakote ER already.

It reduced the cravings somewhat.

And now I am finding that I do not have the appetite to eat.

This is a good thing.

I am 110, at 5'2. Well within normal range.

I guess I'm tired of taking so many pills. Last night I organized my pills into a pillbox and guess what? They don't fit!


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I'm on Amisulpride and Seroquel. It works really well for me. Also 2 anti-depressants, but not as many tablets as you are taking. I found Solian to give me REALLY bad akathisia at doses of 300mg or more. I also think you should talk to your doctor, but if it's any help, adding Solian to my full dose of Seroquel has really helped my brain.

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