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Ridin' the Prozac Train

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Hello everyone.

My name is Lisa T. I am currently struggling with depression and anxiety, mostly social panic.I am taking 20mg Prozac 1x day and 1mg Ativan 2x a day. I have a primary care doctor, a psychologist and a new psychiatrist that I'll meet with next week. I have started a blog if anyone cares to read about my new journey.. Or don't. Whatever. I find it pretty entertaining, as entertaining as my struggle can be, I guess. I wonder if anyone else here goes through what I do in the exact same way. Who knows? Feel free to check it out. ridintheprozactrain.blogspot.com

I have been out of work for over 2 months because of severe anxiety there. I would just see the building and literally feel like I was climbing the steps to the gallows. It doesn't help that it was a call center. Customers are mean! :angry:

My home life is always hectic but that's a story for another time. Really I'm here to try and find help and kinship with others in my situation, maybe compare stories and help eachother. Thank you for reading and have a happy Thanksgiving.

- Lisat

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Lisat, I'm glad you found us and I hope that you will get to know some of our members and share experiences with them.

Be sure to read the rules when you have time, and contact a staff person if you have a question about anything.



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Separated at birth. I read your blog and it was awesome-sauce.

We're both:


Genetically Sarcastic - it really goes that deep.



We can't stand the general public - even if it involves "family" members. The PC terminology is Social Phobia - whatever, people freak me the hell out.

and the yellow brick road is really paved with Mocha Lattes.

Looking at our profile pics I'd even throw in that we're both very good looking.

(high five)

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