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Hi there,

My name comes from a line in a Rilke poem, "Otherwise / the curved breast could not dazzle you so..." If you're literarily inclined, google it--the poem is spookily good.

I'm in New York, and I really do like poetry. I wrote a couple of books, even, but I translate stock market research for money. I'm a woman in my early 40s. I hospitalized myself twice early on with abuse issues, but I'm so highly functioning now (so to speak) that people at my job probably would never guess that I'm depressed. I'm a manager and am considered fairly charismatic. If you knew me in person, you'd know how funny that is. I'm so deeply depressed (unipolar) that doctors don't know what to do with me.

Anyway, I'm on Vyvanse to keep me from curling up in a ball and staying there, plus Xanax and either Trazodone or Temazepam to help me sleep. I've tried every anti-depressant I've ever heard of, except for MAOIs, and many, many combinations of things, but I'm still looking for something that works.

Thanks for existing,


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I loooove poetry, also.

Welcome to our friendly nut house. Let us know if there is anything you don't get about how we operate.

I'm glad you're here, fellow New Yorker. (I'm upstate, but I lived in the city for a few years so that makes me an honorary New Yawker.)


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